Channeling Energy Towards Writing

Here in Portugal we’ve been in confinement since the beginning of January, practically, with some special rules before that. And this time, I believe it’s taking a toll much heavier on the population than before, myself included. I’ve been having trouble, supporting this unrest and since the line of what I worked with has been affected, the prejudices of been locked up at home with no steady income, besides the lack of social interaction and physical exercise to which I practiced in a martial arts academy, have definitely taken quite a toll on me.

Some days ago I think hit the maximum negativity in a while, and I secluded myself in my room I felt just like being alone, without any contact from the outside world or the little one around me, physically.

As I delved deeper in the consequences what’s beyond and within my reach, I redirected this frustration and sadness towards my writing, the current sequel of Modus Operandi that has been taking ages to finish. Surprisingly enough, I managed to write an entire scene in less than a couple of hours, while maintaining the thread of thoughts for the next scene as well. Of course, I wasn’t able to shut my current mood out, nor maintain all of my processes focused alone on the piece at hand, but still, I think I used that energy, that in a way, was desperate to come out, probably through anger, and I just repurposed it towards another goal. One much more productive if you get calm enough to analyse through that process.

Throughout life, we will experience all kinds of emotions and feelings, that’s guaranteed. However, I believe we can either choose to languish with them, or take advantage to them as motivation for our goals, even if the cause isn’t related to the goal. That energy will definitely prove to be a deciding factor in whatever you’re set to accomplish, and I think I’m just getting the hang of it. Stressed about something? Get to writing. Sad because of something that shook you? Get to writing. Excited because of some good news? Get to writing.

Now regarding to the aspects of the content being written, most definitely there will be some changes in the writing and words used, because, let’s be honest, writing about a murdering psychopath while being happy, probably won’t get the best impact, but I’ll still take that instead of a blocking wall. And what I mean for writing, can also be used to every other hobby! As long as you learn how to take a step back, analyze, and channel that energy towards something productive.

It’s okay if you don’t feel like doing anything and just stand there in a pool of self pity. But I assure you… It feels way better when you take something positive out of it!

Stay strong. Stay healthy.


    • And it’s going to be prolonged at least until the middle of March, although more and more people are going out, some businesses can’t operate at all, and some others have restrictions.

      Thank you for your kind words, stay strong over there in the other side of world!


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