Belts and Stripes – The Staggering Amount Of Practice To Rise

So I was just wondering, I’ve been training this for some years now. About four and something more. And in the other day, I was rolling with a black belt, I think he has two years on such belt, and I felt so, so powerless, in a way that, he overplays me every time. You would expect that after these years the gap would grow shorter, and it’s not like I trained once or twice a week. For most of the year I train four to five times in a seven day period. While I rolled with him, it was pretty evident that my arsenal of moves and timing is pretty limited and I can’t even score a single point against him. His defense is pretty solid against what I plan to do, and when the game shifts, I get crushed with pressure until I can no longer defend, even though we’re pretty much even in weight.

My point with this entry of Belts and Stripes is pretty clear. There is still so much more to learn, to adapt and to fight, that the level between four years of practice to a level of nine years is just a little beyond the comprehension of the first one. Details, such as to how to position your arms and knees while standing have only now been taught to me, and I’m trying to adapt them into my roll style now, for example. The learning curve is still here, and that’s what’s interesting in Jiu Jitsu. I still can’t see the beginning of the end, the black belt.

For some people it may be frustating to be aware of such a fact, that after so much time and effort you still don’t see what’s in the horizon. But Jiu Jitsu is a journey where you don’t get to stop being a student. You may reach to be a master, but that doesn’t mean that you will stop learning. Or at least, that’s what I think of it since I’m still on the run to reach that desired black belt.

The quarantine is applied once more here in Portugal, so now we have to keep quiet about training. I’m back to a simple physical maintenance, though I’m quite confident that I’m on the right path, since I’m still learning new things to employ in the game and that keeps me motivated to step on the tatami every time.

Wishing you guys a good start of the month, and Corona let’s you, keep practicing. Oss.

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