Ei there! Thank you for checking this out!

I’m Rafael, I have 26 years old and I do a lot of stuff!

So far I’ve managed to get a degree (Rank 6) in Computer Science and worked as a lifeguard and as a waiter in a tavern. Through some tribulations, I began my writing journey and I’ve launched a fantasy book filled with action that goes by the name of Enclave – Creation, in digital kindle format only.

Ever since I know myself I have enjoyed movies, anime, cartoons and video games. Sometimes I review movies or series on a spontaneous basis. You can check them in this link. There’s also a YouTube channel where I post some videos about my gaming sessions and some other stuff as well.

This blog has as purpose to keep my projects up to date to whoever wishes to follow their progress. It also serves as a vent where I write my shorter stories and share them with any one that is passing by.

In this link, you can know what exactly I’m up in the near future. I hope you enjoy your stay and I wish you all the best.

Best regards,
Rafael Soares.




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