Hi there! Thank you for checking this out!

I’m Rafael, I have 29 years old and I do a lot of stuff!

So far I’ve managed to get a degree (Rank 6) in Computer Science. I’ve been working in Events throughout Portugal and some other minor gigs, while workin as a lifeguard during the Summer. Through some tribulations, I began my writing journey and I’ve launched a fantasy book filled with action that goes by the name of Enclave – Creation, and its sequel, Enclave – Amelioration, both in digital Kindle format only.

Ever since I know myself, I have enjoyed movies, anime, cartoons, and video games. Sometimes I review movies or series on a spontaneous basis. You can check them in this link. There’s also a YouTube channel where I post some videos about my gaming sessions and some other stuff as well.

This blog has a purpose to keep my projects up to date to whoever wishes to follow their progress. It also serves as a vent where I write my shorter stories and share them with anyone that is passing by.

In this link, you can know what exactly I’m up in the near future. I hope you enjoy your stay and I wish you all the best.

Best regards,
Rafael Soares.



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