Dogwashers – Drug Lord To Hole Lord…

Every once a while I come across a movie that makes my eyebrows move upwards and consider if I really should waste my time watching it, most probably thinking already that it will be a flop. Dogwashers has a curious title for a movie of its genre, much more so, it has little to no connection to the movie besides… Well… I don’t know, perhaps there’s a connection between the words and Colombian Spanish. Still, I was not expecting the present quality of the movie, and it emphasizes even more that I should not watch any kind of trailers before watching the actual film.


A veteran drug lord finds himself burdened with the weight of the money that he burrowed from another player in town. Without any current means to pay his debt, he decides to use the money on his secret stash. The money got stolen before his henchmen could get there and he sent all of his underlings to retrieve it. Each one of them with their own intentions for it.


I must admit, at first I wasn’t expecting much, as you could probably have figured out by now. However, after the first “hot” scene, I was immediately hooked. The movie has a lot of sub-intended scenes that leaves an interpretation for the viewer only to be confirmed later on, and then you’re left with the “Oh, so that’s what happened!” words in your mind, upon watching the posterior segment that left you wondering before.

To me, this was the biggest point of the movie. It all happens in a linear fashion, chronically speaking. And as the plot goes forward, we become aware of the various relationships and links in between the group that has the Drug Lord on top of it. I don’t think that watching someone alter their supposed behavior once confronted with the chance for a better life, that chance being a bag filled with money, will ever get old.

The environment and the overall feeling of the movie moved my mind to Latin América. It felt immersive, even though it was simple, to watch the clothes, the poverty that some of the characters lived with in contrast with the riches of others and the overall heavy vibes emitted by these drug dealers.

Last but not least, the pace of the story is incredibly well built, as it begins slowly, presenting each of the characters in question softly only to later on, increase the pace where it will actually pull the senses of the viewer to be able to keep up with the movie as to what is exactly going on there. I felt completely hooked while watching the movie, and if that’s not the objective of one, I don’t know what it is really.


Again, having little to no idea of what a title would show, proved to be a pleasant surprise.

Dogwashers represents (probably) how this world of crime functions, and the implications that it has over the people in it. The film set quite an interesting pace that challenges the spectator as it develops over the course of three days (if I remember correctly).

It was quite amazing to watch the relations in between each of the characters and how surprisingly they acted when confronted about the existence of such a vast quantity of money, more so in a world where there is a lot of poverty.

The way the movie is explored is absolutely fantastic, as it reveals the connections between each of the characters of the family and culminates in an unsuspecting twist! You won’t be disappointed if you choose to waste your time watching Dogwashers!

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