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Welcome! I assume you’ve landed on this page because you want to know what is happens with the Chaotic Order Youtube Channel! Well, for that you can read the introduction post that I made quite a long time ago. Here is the link to it:

So, this page is more of a guide. Soon there will be more than a hundred videos on the channel, and even with the playlists, it still is quite hard to find what you’re looking for or what you might be interested. With this in mind problem in mind, I thought that creating a guide here in the blog would actually be useful for the viewers to be aware of the content that is currently available in the channel.

To begin, here’s a playlist for my spell and talent reviews for World of Warcraft’s newest expansion, Legion. I cover only the normal talents, not the Honor ones since this was made in the pre-launch, but I still elaborate whether or not the talents are useful in PvE and PvP as well as recommending my option for both roles. Although the artifacts change a little the way you play, the talent choices still remain the same for the most cases.

There is also the playthrough at the Broken Isles, the new continent on Azeroth, where  I play with my Blood Elven Mage during the invasion of the Burning of the Legion. Later I will have Artifact videos and Class Order Campaigns with my alts. Every video has my commentary, focused mainly in the lore of Warcraft itself. Here’s the the playlist:

In World of Warcraft: Legion, there are a lot of quests that are exclusive to each of its classes. As such, there are campaigns that only one class has access to it. I don’t consider myself a huge Lore nerd, but I do enjoy the overall story of the game, so I’ve been leveling up other classes only to have access to their exclusive story. Here’s some playlists of the campaigns I have completed thus far!

Still about World of Warcraft, I have the Map Tours series where I pick a map and wander around it while explaining vital pieces of the Lore and story that occurred on that map or are connected with some other places and/or characters.




Now besides WoW, I have playthrough of the Witcher 3: Blood and Wine, the latest expansion of the game. Since I have cleared the original game three times I did not feel like repeating all of it again, at least not so recently, so I began recording this game when the Blood and Wine expansion came out. Here’s the playlist if you want to check it out, the game is beautiful and very well written and designed, no wonder it received more than two hundred awards!



And lastly I have Total War: Warhammer! I have my playthrough as Mannfred Von Carstein, a vampire lord who seeks to regain control of Sylvania and eliminate the Empire of Men. Here you can accompany my journey as as lord of the undead as I figure out how to command their cities and wage battle with them as well!

And then I have some epic and quick battles without any kind of commentary or input of myself. Let yourself simply be amazed by the armies clashing against one another!