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Enclave – Creation now in Physical Edition! Plus a review of it!

Hello guys! It is with great pride that I announce here in the blog, the existence of the physical form of my first title, Enclave – Creation, is now available for purchase at the Amazon store. Although this project was mainly designed for the digital world, you’ll certainly find it no less attractive in the… Continue reading Enclave – Creation now in Physical Edition! Plus a review of it!

Situation Point

Situation Point – 16th of February, 2017

Ei there! So it seems that Amazon now offers a service for authors to print their books and sell them right away without any investment from the author’s part. While these are great news, there’s one thing that stops me from getting my book ready to print right away and that’s the dimensions that they… Continue reading Situation Point – 16th of February, 2017


The Handmaiden – Movie Review

Wow wow wow! Guys… I was not expecting this! Somehow my fate was intertwined to see this movie, I don’t even remember very well how it started… Me and my girlfriend were browsing YouTube before venturing into some series when we were compelled to see a trailer for the south Korean movie, The Handmaiden. The… Continue reading The Handmaiden – Movie Review

Random Rambling

Project’s update.

Hello there! Here’s a quick update about my ongoing projects. For the blog, I’m currently developing three posts. One movie review, another chapter for the Orient in Turmoil and the third installment for the Fear short stories. Since they’re somewhat complex, I believe I won’t be able to post the latter two this week. With… Continue reading Project’s update.

Situation Point

Situation Point – 7th of February, 2017

Allo allo! I’m passing by to share that the first edit of Enclave – Amelioration is complete! Three hundred and twenty pages! A dozen more than the first title, Enclave – Creation. The story continues immediately after the end of Enclave – Creation. After a long voyage through the void, the Enclave finds a desert… Continue reading Situation Point – 7th of February, 2017

YouTube Channel

Youtube Recap – 6th of February

Hello! It seems that the normal period between each of these category posts is one per month! The channel has been growing at a steady rate, with a lot more views on the spontaneous videos rather than the gameplay ones, as it was/is expected. I’ve changed the quality standard of my videos and although the… Continue reading Youtube Recap – 6th of February

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‘Warcraft 2′: 9 Things We Want From a Sequel to Duncan Jones’ Fantasy Epic

Hello guys! Just posting this to share my recent article at creators.com, related with moviepilot.com, about 9 things that I wish to see about the upcoming, but not yet confirmed sequel for the Warcraft movie. Go check it out in this link! Comment there or here if you think I missed something about the sequel!… Continue reading ‘Warcraft 2′: 9 Things We Want From a Sequel to Duncan Jones’ Fantasy Epic


Silence – A Testament to Faith & Anguish

THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS! IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE MOVIE AND WISH TO REMAIN UNSPOILED FOR IT, DO NOT CONTINUE TO READ. Let me tell you first of all, that I’m not an enthusiast of dramas. I do like them meddling around my so much preferred action / fantasy movies but for dramas as… Continue reading Silence – A Testament to Faith & Anguish

Orient in Turmoil

William – Orient in Turmoil

It was night. The sea was calm and it was impossible to hear the waves hitting the wooden vessel that sailed within a mile of the Japanese southern coast. On the crow’s nest, a small open compartment at the top of the ship’s mainmast, a young man stood vigilant during the cold hours with a… Continue reading William – Orient in Turmoil