Tennet – All Aboard The Time Travel Mind-Blowing Train

Think of a movie, a plot or even an idea that you can’t understand very well and it just makes your grey mass work, work and work until it enters in a state meltdown and ultimately just explodes! Well, mine didn’t explode, but I sure did an effort to understand the concepts and the paradoxes of time travelling used in Tennet, which are… Still… Confusing to me… Ah here we go again!!!


After being compromised during a terrorist attack at a Kyiv opera house, which is used as a cover-up for a more complex operation, the Protagonist rescues an exposed spy and seizes an important package that he was carrying. He later is captured and tortured by Russian mercenaries and manages to take a cyanide pill, ending his life… Until he awakens somewhere else.


I’ll let you guys know that I didn’t watch the trailer before I watched this movie. I had some feedback from a friend who recommended it, but it was minimal at best, with the hint of a gun that fired backwards in time and that there were people living in the present and in the past at the same time. What he told me made me wonder and when I got the change, I went into the theaters… with a mask and social distancing of course. Also for this review I must talk about scenes of that happened in the movie, so SPOILERS ahead!

Alright, the movie begins, we watch the introduction and we get to see the bullet coming right into the gun from where it was previously shot without giving it much thought. Then things go a little like a 007 movie, with intrigue and deception in between the spies and how they get to the information they need. So far, so good. Then we’re presented with the mechanics for this Time Travel and how it will be presented throughout the movie. Weapons that appeared in certain locations and that would then function backwards, but in time. Meaning that the bullets from their weapon’s clips were already shot, and would instead come from the direction where the impact was made, and by thus undoing it.

So far, so good… It’s a mechanic, nothing much that would break my mind, at least for the first act. Then by the middle of the second act, things get very weird and difficult to follow. The Protagonist enters in a machine which allows him to behave differently in time, he sees others moving normally but he moves as if he was going onto the past and the laws of physics function differently on him. However, at the first time, the Protagonist fails on what he was supposed to do and he appears to be in the present time already. So he went into the past and then back to the present time with little to no consequence. This is still the tip of iceberg! When we see two versions of the antagonist, one in the present and another running towards the past, using a mechanism to understand each other as they questioned the Protagonist. That’s where my brain fried. Afterwards and how they pursued the villain and his subjects, it was logical but still, I don’t get how they could go towards the past, and then skip the time towards the present time. There’s a gap you know? At least in my understanding. Oh this hurts too much.

The plot is awesome and the sense of espionage and thrill is practically present throughout the entire movie, either through how information is obtained, the study of the situation at hand before proceeding and the action scenes themselves.

One thing that bothered me, is that in the final act, where all hell breaks loose, we don’t see anyone, and I mean literally anyone, getting shot. No one is shot at all! Be it reversely or normally, no soldiers from each side is shot! I was just like… How could that be? We hear explosions, we hear bullets being fired but… Absolutely no one gets a bullet for the cheer sake of bloodshed.

Another thing that I didn’t fully understand was the objective of the movie. Supposedly, the villain would end it all with his death at a key moment, (perhaps I’m not recalling this very well, now that I think of it) but the same scene happened in the past, and it was later, by the climax of the movie, continued again. Perhaps the special artifact that was halted from being exploded was part of the two moments, being the other the villain’s death, prevented the end of all things, from both the directions of time colliding.

So to conclude it all, if you’re going to watch Tennet, be ready for a headache or two about how Time Travel is explored within this movie, I think that in the end, I wasn’t able to understand, nor explain it all correctly…


Tennet is definitely worth to watch, but I wouldn’t recommend to delve deep into the concept, otherwise you might just go insane with the definition and paradoxes of the Time Travelling used in the plot of the movie.

It has everything a good piece of the seventh art has to offer, while keeping the spectator in a rhythm of constant thrill. Expect a good dose of action, pretty decent music, and a plot that I believe will make your head hurt as you come to try and ultimately understand what’s happening and why it is happening in such a manner.

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