Situation Point – 300 Freaking Posts – 30th of September, 2020

300 Hundred Freaking Posts!

Oh, it’s been a while since I began the blog, way back in 2015… It evolved way beyond of what I sought with it at first, and I can’t think of a negative item about such development. Now that the Summer Season is over and we’re still with a lot of question marks about the future due to Covid19, I’m about to delve deep into my projects and clear a path ahead to deliver them, just as I have told in the last situation point…

If you happen to be checking the blog for the first time, take a look around and see what kind of tales I have! Perhaps you’ll find them entertaining or they could prove to be a good surprise!

Orient In Turmoil – A collection of Historical Fiction stories, depicted in Feudal Japan.

Modus Operandi – A story of a surgeon who has trouble finding love.

With Blood & Magic – A World of Warcraft fan fiction, that follows the story of a young Elven mage.

Or feel free to browse the category section and see what’s left to read! I’m sure there are some titles that you guys may find intriguing, may they be fictional or real.

Anyhow this, is a simple post marking the 300 posts, as I don’t have anything new to say, so I used the mark to perhaps get some more views on my existing articles, which I think have some quality and do deserve some love. Wishing you guys a terrific week, and remember, be kind.


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