Belts and Stripes – Post Quarantine And Contingency State, Reflections.

Overall and throughout the world, there has been a lot of controversy in the methods and restraints employed to deal with Covid19, Jiu-Jitsu was no exception.

While not condemning anyone, I’ve seen all sorts of trainings. Just physical conditioning, some used masks in their rolls and others nothing at all. I saw all cases ever since the Quarantine was over here, so that was about early June. At first our academy started with physical conditioning in open spaces and with distancing. Then when it was allowed, and other martial arts federations resumed training, we followed their steps and continued to practice the art. It’s a physical contact martial art, there’s no way we’re gonna use masks or use the force to practice Jiu Jitsu… We resumed our training and we had an amazing Summer training! Of course we minimized the risks of the virus, by using mask throughout the academy, scanning body temperature and rubbing alcohol on our hands as we enter the academy.

Now that the Summer is over, and the contingency plan is effect due to rising numbers of what is now called the second wave, our academy divided the class into groups of 8 so that they can train with each other and by doing so, minimize the chain of a possible infection.

This period hit us really, really hard. I remember that before the Quarentine I was able to do six to seven rolls without a rest and that would be my limit. Now I roll three or four times and I’m ready to enter the coffin and get picked by the Ghana Dancing Pallbearers to be thrown onto a grave.

But in time, I and the rest of my colleagues will get there. For now, we’re training by minimizing the risk, but stopping is no longer an option. Not when everything else resumes it’s functions, although adapted to minimize the risk of infection, just like we’re doing too.

So far, in my game, I think I’ve never felt so confident about trying new stuff in my rolls as I am doing now. I find now that details are my focus now. There’s a couple of moves that I know pretty good, between take downs, sweeps, and submissions from different positions. And that’s what I’m focusing right now, getting those right before advancing any further. On the not so positive side, I’ve been struggling to advance from an half guard position. It’s been hard to sweep, submit or do anything else besides escaping to all fours. Gotta focus on that as priority as well, so I think I’ll begin to pull for half guard instead of full guard, although usually I end up doing half guard and being either passed or going to all fours to prevent the passing. We practiced deep half guard in the last week, perhaps I should focus on that until I feel comfortable with it?

That’s it for the this update on my Jiu-Jitsu journey guys. I hope you’re all back to training with the necessary care to minimize the risk of infection, but let’s be honest here, things can’t stop anymore. We need to learn what it’s like living with virus in all fields of life until it goes away, or we better adapt for it.

Happy rolls everyone, oss!

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