Belts and Stripes – Refinement

So another month has come to an end and my journey in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu continues to bear fruit every week I attend the training sessions.

This month I’ve become aware of several moves throughout my rolls, and the best one on that is the “kimura” and “americana” while applied from side-control. Throughout this month’s rolls, I’ve also attempted the baseball bat from my guard, but so far either it didn’t finish my opponent, or they simply did not take the bait. I mostly roll with people more graduated than me, so that’s only natural though. To sum up my improvements, and now on the defensive field of the game, my guard has become agiler and I move a lot faster than before when my guard is open. X-Guard is well memorized in my mind, but until now, I still have to practice it a lot more so that I can apply it effectively during the rolls. I’ve also managed to successfully defend a couple of straight ankle locks while doing my thing, and I’m quite confident in defending them, although I was twice finished by it when an opponent stepped on my hip and prevented me from reaching further with my foot, thus defending the ankle lock.

Now for the less positive portion of the log. Although I know some techniques already, I still struggle to practice them during the training sessions and my master repeatedly told me that I need to shorten the response time to apply them. During the roll, he even counted, 1, 2, 3, and on 3, I tried to apply it and my opponent had already planned his next move, thus invalidating what I wanted to do. There’s a clear urgency to decrease my response time to a lot of situations to which I already know how to escape.

All things summarized, I’m quite happy where I am right now and I think that I can see to where I want to go from here on out. There’s a luminosity in my eyes whenever I enter the tatami and I believe that to be the greatest gift in this sport.

The Grand Slam tournament happened on this day, but sadly I could not attend due to a multitude of reasons, mainly involving money. I’ll have to stay tuned for tournaments only after mid-September. I wish my mates José Salvador and Paulo Marques good luck for the tournament and may they bring a medal back to us!

May you have challenging rolls this next month! Oss!

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