With Blood & Magic – Anu belore dela’na

Anu belore dela’na.

Chapter 1

The sun guides us. Those are the words that my people adopted when they were exiled from the gravest mistake they committed ten thousand years ago. In our exile, Dath’Remar Sunstrider led my people East, without certainty if he would find any land. My ancestors were lucky enough to escape the wrath of the Kaldorei and landed on what is now known as the Tirisfal Glades. But upon hearing whispers and even having kinsman going insane, Dath’Remar decided to leave the landing site and migrate somewhere else.

They walked east alongside the coast and claimed their home at the Northeastern tip of the present’s Eastern Kingdoms. There, they founded Quel’thalas, the High Home of the Quel’dorei. Luckily enough my kind did not spend an eternity secluded in some sect, like the Highborne of Shendralar. Thank the Sun for weaving my destiny with the High Elves that I call my people.

Once the Quel’dorei settled in, Dath’Remar unleashed the substance of a mysterious vial and established the Sunwell. A font of magic where the Quel’dorei culture had set its foundations upon. Although much smaller than the Well of Eternity, the Sunwell could very well serve the High Elves in building and sustaining their new founded kingdom with a heavy touch of magic.

sunwell 1
The Sunwell.

Quel’thalas grew, its capital, Silvermoon, established spires that reached for the sky, and the land became accustomed to the magic flowing from the Sunwell. An eternal season of summer now blessed the land that the Elves claimed as their own. But they were not alone…

My ancestors had settled upon a land sacred to the Forest Trolls, and they felt the consequences of their actions right away. The Amani Empire ruled most of the northern lands in what is now known as the Eastern Kingdoms, and they were not eager to let any of it out of their control. What was strange, was that for centuries, the Trolls did not attack Quel’thalas. There were skirmishes here and there but mainly within our borders.

Silvermoon, protected by the trees of Eversong Forest.

Ages had passed, and the first human kingdom emerged. Thoradin had gathered a lot of human tribes and founded Arathor, with borders within Hillsbrad Foothills and Arathi Highlands. Although the kingdom was founded, they too had troubles with the Forest Trolls of the Amani Empire.

Our Kingdoms were in opposite directions and for a long time, we treated the Humans just like we did the Trolls. But then the time came. The Amani Empire had grown beyond reason, occupying most of the northern lands and they were focusing on laying waste to Quel’thalas and all its inhabitants. Its overwhelming forces would certainly prove to be much more than the magical might of the High Elves could handle. The enemy of our enemy is our friend, and Anastarian Sunstrider sent diplomats to the Human Kingdom of Arathor, who was also in war with the Trolls. In exchange for their help in clearing the Troll menace, the High Elves would teach a hundred humans in the arts of magic. Thoradin, the Arathi King, saw the benefits that the Elves could bring to his Kingdom as well as defeating the Amani Empire which still besieged its borders. He agreed and thus an Alliance was made.

The combined might of the Human and Elven armies, with both Elven and Human mages, confronted the bulk of the Amani legions in a battle that lasted for days in Hillsbrad Foothills. The Alliance between the Elves and Humans was victorious, and the Amani Empire was shattered. Whatever remained of the Forest Trolls were forced deep into the forests. Both Elves and Humans took a heavy hit as well, but the future was now clear of a Troll menace. Quel’thalas was indebted to the Humans and would aid them if such a scenario would happen to them in the future. However, after Thoradin’s death, more Human Kingdoms emerged and the idea of a united human nation soon vanished. Dalaran was also founded by the first Human magi, a city-state where all humans would soon migrate to learn magic if they had the talent required to wield it.

The Shattering of the Amani Empire after the Troll Wars

See? Teach the Humans how to wield magic, and they build a city just for the sake of it. They’re like a plague, consuming every bit of land and claiming it as their own. In a couple of thousand years, they spread throughout the Eastern Kingdoms, claiming most of its occupiable territory…

Quel’thalas lived in relative peace for the next ages until the Orcish Horde arrived from the South. They laid waste to the Kingdom of Azeroth and its capital, Stormwind, was besieged and looted after their King, Llane Wrynn, was murdered by a double agent of the Horde. Those who survived fled North and landed on Hillsbrad using rowboats only. The Alliance was created upon a gathering of the human Kings. Quel’thalas also provided military support for the campaign against the Orcish Horde which proved to be effective against the green brutes who also besieged our homeland with the might of the red dragons. They failed. At the time I was only a child, but I could definitely tell the unrest in the faces of the grown-ups, even though the Horde did not succeed in breaking our magical barriers…

Ultimately, the Alliance was victorious and they sealed the portal from where the Horde had come from. A couple of years after, there were signs that the portal was about to open again. This time, however, the Alliance answered promptly and vanquished the enemy, mainly due to the fortification they had built in the Blasted Lands. Nethergarde Keep was a Dalaranian fortress holding a contingent of Alliance troops ready to repel a possible second invasion, and they did just that. An expedition was sent through the Dark Portal, why they went after the Orcs is beyond me, but they never came back, sadly. I knew some of the Quel’dorei who were in the expedition…

The Alliance continued to exist to this very day, preventing its Kingdoms from harming one another, thus keeping them in line for a possible invasion from the Orcs. Even though the Dark Portal is now closed and what’s left of the Orcs is currently being held in camps across Hillsbrad. These once menacing beasts are now in a state of lethargy and proved to be no challenge as prisoners under the care of Alliance troops. Ever since then, we have lived in relative peace, and thus, this is where my story begins.


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