A Lifeguard’s Saga – Ep.18 – I am The Watcher On The Wall… Sorry, I Meant Beach!

Another year, another season!

Some of my friends and family often ask if I’ll return to the beaches of Vila do Conde to work as a lifeguard, as a way to point out that I still haven’t got a stable job. Well, sure the job itself doesn’t pay that good, I don’t pay social security and I spend a lot of hours on the beach, day after day. However, the job itself isn’t physically or mentally demanding in my opinion, and if you ask me, working on the beach with our feet above the sand or bathed beneath the waves is surely a blessed duty! Besides, if I look at what I could earn in a single month in another job, being a lifeguard still earns me more than anything I could get.

For June I’ll be working only half the shifts and then in July and August I’ll be watching the beach every day, from 9:30AM to 7:30PM. The same colleagues from last season will also be working next to me which is great since we work very well with each other.

The weather seems to be impeccable for the next couple of days, besides the wind that is already so characteristic of this region, so I’ll get a little tan and wash off my whiteness while the flow of people is still ramping up. Stay tuned for the this season’s adventures in the next Lifeguard’s Saga!



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