Death – The frail old lady

A couple of days ago, when on my daily routine to check the social media, I saw an entry of an old friend, a rather emotional post about his grandmother who had passed away due to an illness.

The woman in question usually came by the pub where I worked, when her health allowed her to. This old lady was so thin and short that I actually feared for her when the wind blew harder. And although she was always hoarse, that did not prevent her to talk at all. She was so talkative and always in a good mood, it was impossible not be a good mood as well after talking a little with her. When the flow of clients was low, I’d sit by her side, discussing the news in the paper and besides being funny, she also had some insight of her own that she wouldn’t keep to herself.

Old people always say, learn now because I won’t be here forever. I have learned something with her and now, she isn’t here anymore.

Today at the funeral, there were a lot of people there. From family to friends, to her family’s friends. Plenty of people showed up on a working day to give their support to the family who had lost a mother, but also a grandmother, a sister and an aunt. I’d say from the amount of people there but also from the emotions that they displayed, that she was kind person whose journey had touched plenty of others. Surely she will be missed.

May she find peace in whatever comes after life.

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