Enclave – Creation at SPFBO 2016 (Part 2)


Ei guys!

So the blogger in charge of reviewing the pack where Enclave was decided to read 20% of each book and then he judged if it was worth to continue or not.

Sadly, Enclave – Creation was not placed in the selection of 6 books that will be read entirely, thus earning a complete review. The other 24 titles were given quick reviews, in which the one that is addressed to my project actually felt pretty good to me. Here’s what he said about it:

“Rafael Soares – Enclave: Creation. Wildly ambitious, with a super-epic, mega-cosmic scope. There’s a mass of information presented in the first few chapters in a very explanatory style, and even the avant garde formatting (a brave decision) doesn’t help bring out the actual characters. The scale and stakes of the book are made apparent, but this is a world-first sort of book, and it is hard to grip onto the story. There’s a big thing here, and I’m not wholly convinced that, whatever it is, it is best expressed as a book. It may come to life better as a comic (with visuals given more work to do)? Or a game? Or even an RPG setting?”

So first of all, I was actually afraid that my writing skills would suck, either by bad sentence building or the lack of a variety of fancy words. It seems that it wasn’t either noted or I managed to pass that point with a positive grade.

Going forward to the characters’ comment, in my defense, the book develops slowly. Its a fact. I’m not writing this story to rush it to the good parts. There is a lot of building up to do. But since the blogger only read 20% of it, so that goes mostly to the first three chapters (the forth and fifth chapter are each as big as the first three combined), I can understand why he didn’t care much about the characters since until that point, they are not faced with many moral problems in order to show their personality. It is a slow, ongoing process that I will shape throughout the Enclave story line.

Moving now to the next part, I find it funny that he suggested another way to tell the story, like a comic or a video game since originally, I began to write in order to create a background story for an indie video game. While I do agree that it would be awesome to transport what I want to tell to a comic or even a video game, I even see the story told that way in front of me if you just ask me to close my eyes, those investments go way above of what I can afford. In the future perhaps.

Last but not least, about it being hard to grip onto the story. I do understand that it may be somewhat difficult to grasp the concepts that I shove right away into the readers minds. If you want your own fantasy universe, you must at least set the minimal concepts of how things function otherwise the reader will be even more confused, the further he goes into the book. Enclave – Creation, as the title suggests, sets the laws and the concepts of what is common for the reader to interpret. The Lypri Nmerga, the Abhorra, the Abhakris, the Dascelds. As well as what happens with the above should they meet certain conditions. Again, I underline, Enclave – Creation is a title that sets the origin of the Chaotic Order universe , it builds up the characters on it and the current situation of the universe itself. It isn’t meant to be fast, and there is a lot of talking involving matters around the current diplomatic situation, some science, the characters’ motives and so on. There is also some physical conflict which builds some tension but the focus on this book isn’t around that, although the reader will surely get a taste of what is about to come.

Well, that’s everything I guess. I think I’ve touched on the main items that I wanted to discuss while not under appreciating what the blogger from http://www.pornokitsch.com/ had to say about Enclave – Creation. Although it did not pass forward, I was actually happy to read what he said. It encouraged me to continue to pursue this dream of mine, and I won’t give it up!

If you want to read the entire article about Pornokitsch’s SPFBO reviews, visit the following link: http://www.pornokitsch.com/2016/05/spfbo2-the-first-24-reviewed-kinda.html

Enclave part two is in the works and with it, half of the Enclave story line will be completed! We’ll see how it goes!

I wish you a great week! See you around!

SPFBO2 banner by Matt Howerter

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