How far will the barrier go?

A couple of weeks ago, I saw this video on YouTube of a woman from my country saying what she would bring with her, in the case if she was refugee, like the ones who are fleeing from Syria or Iraq.

Here’s the link, perhaps youtube’s subtitles can show you exactly what she’s talking about.

The reason that this video was so shared, commented, hated and mocked was because the woman in question would bring with her completely superfluous things like family jewels, cellphone, iPad, wool to knit, etc…

There was a flood of videos mocking her in response, doing the same that she did by farther lengths in superfluous things or even comparing what they should really bring with them instead of jewels or their cell phone.

I could satirize the topic a little further like so many did but after watching so many videos about it I just can’t bring myself to do something that was already done so many times. What brings to me to comment this video is something else much more worrying to us, as a society.

So we have an adult woman, telling everyone who understands Portuguese and with internet access that if she had to become a refugee to flee from a war that would oblige her to abandon her home, she would take her family jewels, her notebook and about a dozen more useless items that would not allow her to eat, nor get some personal hygiene, nor get her protected from the atmosphere conditions, etc.

Assuming that what she said was true, which was the true purpose of the program, “e se fosse consigo?” roughly translated to English as “what if it were you?”. It isn’t a program classified as humorous, therefor I’m assuming that what she said, she meant it.

Now let me tell you something, my family was never poor and not even once have I passed through hunger nor I lacked clothes or essential human needs. But I know very well the hardships that people around the globe have to get through to survive. And I also know the hardships that cause other people not to survive at all.

To have someone who is simply not aware of these facts and worst of all, share her ignorance in national TV, is one of the proofs that the barrier between rich and poor is wider than one could imagine. With all the media around us like TV, radio, journals, Facebook, Twitter, whatever, how can you imagine to bring your family jewels, your notebook and sunglasses if you were to become a war refugee? Not an extra pair of shoes? What about an extra rain jacket? Canned food and a tooth brush perhaps? Toilet paper even? No? Are you sure?

The gap between rich people and poor people is becoming bigger as the years go by. Either a big revolution will come by to settle things right and to punish most of the corrupted or we will enter in an era of modern slavery (which some have already entered, let’s be honest) where the 1% will rule the other 99% as kings did in the past.

Anyway I just had this urge to speak about the matter because it remembered me of the theme that I used to begin writing and although Enclave does not have this theme in its core, the next titles once Enclave is finished are surely based in this inequality that is so much more apparent in the world as I grow old on it.

Thanks for coming by!

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