Situation Point – 13th of May, 2016

Ei there!

This week I paused my writing schedule in order to study and review the theory for the lifeguard course, which I succeeded in renovating by the way!

If it is possible, I’d like to work full time as a lifeguard when the season begins, meaning that from 9:30 to 19:30 I’ll be at the beach everyday, whether its sunny or not. Before the season begins, I’m counting that I’ll already have the second part of Enclave fully written. With the little time left that I’ll have during the season, I’ll use it in order to train in the academy as well as editing the second part and creating the promotional video for it, much like I did with the first one. Hopefully in between July or August, the second part will be out there.

Another thing that I must change is the exclusivity in Amazon. Like I said in a previous blog, Enclave – Creation did not sell at all, besides two purchases from me and from my girlfriend. The Facebook video had 3,5 thousand views… By the looks of it, paying for promotion won’t give me anything in return, and since I’m not selling anything, the exclusivity at Amazon isn’t justified. With that thought in mind, I must expand the selling points of my project, soon to be in the plural. So that at least, there are more points offering the same item, thus adding more exposure to Enclave.

I think this covers what I’ve been up to for now. Hope you have a great weekend!

See you later!


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