Situation Point – 5th of May, 2016

Ei there!

I have just finished the third chapter that will have its place in the second part of Enclave! For the next and final one of the that part, I’ll introduce some villains and I’m actually excited to do so now. From what I wrote before there are some cool scenes about them in this context but not nearly enough. Luckily for me, I already have the extra scenes in mind.

For now however, I’ll pause my writing until next Thursday so that I can focus more on my lifeguard course which exams’ will be on next Wednesday and Thursday.

I know I have told this more than once before but adding some short stories on the blog are really time consuming if I don’t have the material already in my mind. I have the fear short stories that is begging me for a new entry, as well as the D&D one. Although the only idea that I have for a new entry has nothing to do with those. I’ll make an effort to add one decent entry tomorrow before I begin my study session.

Have a nice week!


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