Situation Point – 12th of February, 2016

Hello there!

So luckily my hard drive problems were fixed without any prejudice to my files or hardware, thanks to my friend who wasted two hours looking at it!

I’ve been continuing my writing on the second part of the book, while giving indications to the freelancer who is drawing the images for the end of chapters. I think it is coming along well and it will add some significance to important scenes in this part of the book.

Next Sunday I will probably have the Facebook page related to the book up and running, possibly with a small introduction to the universe and the first part itself just to captivate some interest . Think of it as a normal back cover for a book when you go to the library.

I have also devised descriptions for the six main characters, each between 200 and 300 words. But I think I give too much away with it so I won’t be posting them until the first part is published. These parts will have a purpose for the Website and Wikia later on.

Everything seems to be in track so that in the end of the month I may register the first part of my book. As they usually say in the movies, fingers crossed!

See you around!


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