Situation Point – 18th of February, 2016

Oi oi!

It has been a while now since I posted something here. As I explained before, I’m placing all of my efforts into the upcoming book, advancing the content of the second part as much as I can so that I’ll have a nice window in between the launching of each parts.

Yesterday I launched the Facebook page about the book, you may look it up in Facebook by the name of ChaoticOrderTheBook. The page will serve as an advertising platform for the book and its contents. I’ll try to tease a little with some information about the universe and its characters in general without revealing too much. I have prepared some quick reviews about the characters that I will also share here on the blog. I just hope that 300 words aren’t too much to read on Facebook before the common user gets bored. Let’s hope  they don’t.

The images of the environment are now almost ready, only one small thing is left to be done. The next thing to care of is the cover for the book which still needs to be accounted for with the freelancer I hired for the environmental images. Aside from that, this Sunday I’ll go to my cousin’s house to see the characters and copy them to the digital world. In the next week I’ll cease my writing on the second part of the book and I’ll focus entirely on reviewing the first part. I don’t expect to edit it too much since I reviewed it once but one can never know for sure.

Here’s to hoping that by the end of the month I’m sending the first part to be registered!

See you in a while!


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