Great job, you idiot!

So there I was, 4 AM of February 8th, listening to the original sound track of Rome Total War while I was drafting a text for the back cover of the first part of my book, as well a sinopse for each of the main characters. First I’ll use these texts to advertise the product on its future Facebook page and later they will be placed in the respective Website and Wikia as well.

But as you probably figured out, this post isn’t a situation point… I was already ahead by four or five pages in difference from the backup to the actual file that I was currently writing on the second part of the book (I know, not much if you look at it first but when you’re writing, there is a lot of detail that goes into a simple half a dozen of pages). And I had already created another file of considerable importance for the project without backing them up first or even working through the cloud in the first place.

What can happen if you don’t back up daily uh? Nothing too serious right? WRONG!

At around 4 AM, there was a power shortage I was out of electricity for what? About thirty seconds? It came back on and not a minute had passed since it went off. I turned on my computer and guess what? “A disk error has occurred. Press CTRL + ALT + DEL to restart.” That was the message that appeared. Nice… I restarted and the same message appeared. Opted to shut it down for five minutes to see if it would pass but without success.

I turned my laptop on, and searched the web for solutions and most of them pointed to check the BIOS boot settings and to open up the computer and check the connections of the main disk. Fortunately, I have a friend who already has some experience with both software and hardware errors and we managed to set up a time tomorrow for him to try and fix this problem of mine. There is a possibility that everything can be fixed without monetary costs but in the worst scenario I’ll lose what I wrote on the past five days as well as SSD. Let’s hope it can be fixed without wasting a cent…

This post brings me to one conclusion and one rhetoric question to mind.

Save everything twice, no exceptions. And, where the hell would I be without friends?


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