Death – Unsuspected

This time death knocked twenty meters away from where I work.

It was in the middle of the afternoon, the sun shined intensely on the pub’s windows when I saw an ambulance passing by with its sirens turned on. At first I didn’t give much importance but then a client entered and said that there were two ambulances about thirty meters from the pub, visible from the entrance. It seemed that a girl of 17 years old had fainted while sunbathing. I just thought to myself perhaps she’s dehydrated and fainted while at it, wouldn’t be the first one and since I had some time working as a life guard and from stories which colleagues have told this was actually pretty common. There was no need to worry that much about.

However I found it strange that every once in a while when I exited the pub to catch some fresh air I always saw the ambulance parked in the same spot. Later in the evening my mom told me that the girl had a heart attack and that she didn’t survive it. She was an athlete who practiced volleyball on a regular basis…

Being an only child, one can only imagine the black hole created by the sudden death of the daughter to their parents. It doesn’t matter how deep we scientifically go, sometime we will die, some soon, some later, some will know their demise with time and some will perish in the most unexpected ways and conditions.

We only need to be alive in order to die.

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