Death – Kind Stranger

For more than a month that I haven’t opened the document where I write about death.Today I broke the abstinence. Not because I especially wanted too but because I found an opportune moment to talk about it.

Since I’ve been working in a pub, I’ve met a whole bunch of people.  When we opened, many people came in the first day. Some continued to pass by, some others didn’t. One of those people, continued to pass by from time to time, a good costumer. A few “bolinhos de bacalhau” and a couple of wine glasses and he was good to go. He was particularly chatty but the only thing I remember of him now was that he was the man who built the benches of my town’s church, or most probably one of the men.

After a while since the opening of the pub where I work at, he started to pass by accompanied with a woman. Both very nice people. The last time they were here, the man did not eat so much and even looked indisposed. When he went to the bathroom, the woman talked a little bit with me that he had something in his stomach which took his appetite away and that by coming to the pub perhaps he would eat something he would actually enjoy. I have not seen them ever since. Today I saw the photo of the old man on the obituary section of the local newspaper. By the look of the woman who accompanied him last time, I deducted that his situation wasn’t particularly good but to see his face on the newspaper within a two month period after seeing him for the last time actually triggered some kind of sadness within me.

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