Rhogar Myastan – Introduction


Rhogar had been born in a clan of Dragonborn who retained their bloodline as pure as it could be. The red scaled Myastan clan lived in the middle of a great forest where peace reigned for a long time while worshiping their dragon god Bahamut and striving for great science, cultural and social improvements.

Rhogar never cared much about the clan’s deity, not that he had any ill intent but he thought to be boring to pray to an invisible entity for fortune, health or glory.

Being an only son and with parents who cared about him, Rhogar grew up to be an undisciplined youngster whose only goal was to seek adventure outside of the village whenever he could, sometimes even risking the duties he had to the clan itself which in Dragonborn society could have really harsh consequences.

Being as he was, other young Dragonborn were drawn to Rhogar because of his rebelliousness. Bharash, a youngster with a pure heart who sometimes passed the group’s adventures to fulfill his duties to the clan. Pandjed, a prominent Dragonborn who would be mastering magic very soon. And Daar, a kind servitor of the village’s council.

I have shared metallic tags with the names of my friends on them and gave one to each of them, so that we could have something to remember us that we weren’t alone no matter where we were.

However, after the group retrieved an ancient artifact from a nearby tomb to the Myastan clan, the village was soon engulfed by the same flames that the Dragonborn clan breathed out in the following night. Only Rhogar survived.

After such an event, Rhogar wandered alone, lost and without motives. He was found near death by a traveler who dragged in to a sanctuary for scholars and wizards. There Rhogar helped in any way he could with the chores so that he could be fed and to extend his stay there.

After some time, he awakened magical powers, but those were not from knowledge that he had studied, the magic came from within him like an instinct.

Without a taste for books or anything else to keep him in seclusion, Rhogar adventured into the world once more when he reached adulthood.

To be continued…


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