Situation Point – 2nd of October, 2018

“Been a while!” It’s how I remember most of these posts have begun!

While the Summer was incredibly busy, and not by the usual activities, I still plan to keep going forward with the blog and my literary projects, despite a new challenge that’s coming up ahead.

I managed to get some content out in September when in comparison to August, even though the amount of views in this past month barely managed to top the one before it.

Let’s begin to share what I have in mind for my books and the blog for the near future shall we?


This year I slacked a lot with Enclave! Perhaps because I had, and still have, that there isn’t much work to be done on it. Compared to the previous two of course. I’ll begin to pour some of my time into reading and editing it. Just I the night before, I was resuming the battles and revelations of what happens in that book, and believe me, Confrontation will be such a good piece! There’s so much stuff happening and we’ll finally be able to see all the pieces coming together for a great and epic clash of planetary proportions!


I believe I’ve already said it here, for more than once actually, that I already have an interesting idea for the follow-up of Modus Operandi. It will continue the events shortly after what happened while still aiming further with all aspects of the narrative, but also introducing a danger to our beloved surgeon, Cedric Hawkins. Modus Operandi was undoubtedly a success in my blog, and I can only hope to share the story as much as possible to add some more buzz around it before the introduction of the sequel, Post-Mortem.

Sin'dorei Tome 1

With Blood & Magic proved to be an awesome experience to write and think about! I took the format of a diary for this one, and I’m quite happy to how I managed to write these first chapters. The monthly releases have been nothing but a challenge to accomplish in these past, busy months. And of course, as the plot thickens, it will take me some more time to invest in the series, thus postponing the monthly releases which were initially planned to occur by the first day of each month.

I also have a new drama planned about two women who move in together after a couple of identical situations happening to them, but I still haven’t found the inspiration for that piece. Therefor, I’ll leave only this. It’s just a thing to leave you guys wondering…


Remember Fear? Well I have two pieces in the making as well! For… about a year now… But nonetheless! They will come out until the end of 2018… Hopefully!

Last but not least, I have some reviews already in the making! The second season of Luke Cage, John Wick 2 and Legends of Tomorrow.

This will a busy month as well, just like August, but I think I can handle the workload with the book and my blog. Stay tuned for what’s coming ahead guys! I wish you a great week!


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