Luke Cage Season 2 – The Name Is Stokes… Mariah Stokes.

Drink a shot of anything you like everytime Bushmaster corrects Mariah’s last name! One thing I’m certain about in this second season of Luke Cage, that the amount of different accents present in each episode is just a phenomenal symphony for your ears after the success of Black Panther in theaters, not only because of that aspect of course, but it sure plays well to hear such different, and yet refined, tones.

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After the turning events in the last season, Luke Cage has taken the mantle of protector in Harlem, while Mariah and Shades plan to get back into the game.

Luke wasn’t about to let the drug game go wild within Harlem and began to shut down the drug operations that delivered their product with his name. While shortening her list of crews to sell her weapons to, Mariah ends up selling to an enemy who has a wish for revenge against the Stokes. Soon, the Jamaican Bushmaster will reveal his plan of vengeance, shaking Harlem’s streets with chaos and blood.

Luke Cage is caught in the middle of it all while fighting a internal battle with himself and the reconnection with his own father.

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It’s amazing how many ties are made and then broken in the series. Characters coming in and out in a flash… Personally, I loved the vendetta that Bushmaster has against Mariah’s family, even though she did not have any personal guilt about what happened to the Bushmaster family.

While a lot of Gangs in Harlem perish while Mariah and Bushmaster stab themselves in the back, with Luke Cage disrupting a good portion of their operations, chaos returns to the streets of Harlem in the old fashion way.

It was enjoyable to watch the overall drama in between a lot of characters but also personal struggles. Luke Cage and the rage growing inside him, Misty and her adjustment to continue as a detective after losing an arm. The plot thickens a lot in this season as we watch Shades and Mariah’s rupture, Claire and Luke have an argument that places some space in between them, the whole story behind Bushmaster’s return and the reason for his vendetta against the Stokes and a couple of family ties being reattached between Mariah and her daughter Tilda, but also Luke and his father who happens to be a reverend spreading the word of the Lord.

It’s funny to see that in this day and age, if you happen to be a superhero and not wear a mask, you’re gonna have a huge amount of fans following you around in both the real and virtual world. Such a thing is portrayed in Luke Cage and it kinda messes up with some of Luke’s plans, but I guess that’s an important factor to take into account if somehow, someone becomes a vigilante.

The music is phenomenal! It fits right in the theme of gangsters and power with a heavy presence of Rap and Jazz. There are entire scenes where we simply watch the characters looking at each other or doing something while the music plays out in Harlem’s Paradise. It’s very refreshing to watch such scenes, since in my experience, I don’t watch anything closely related to it in any other series.

As for the action, it goes way beyond what we saw in the last season, but also somewhat ridicularized, since Luke can’t be harmed by conventional means, he just taps the heads of the bad guys to knock them out, it’s hilarious! I believe Bushmaster employs some moves of Capoeira which completely overpower Luke’s street fighting. Since the menaces grew in number, some help appeared in the way. Colleen helped Misty get past her lack of resolve without her dominant arm, while Danny donated her a mechanical one and hanged around Luke, shutting down some drug operations and guiding him to face the darkness that was building inside our bulletproof hero.


If the first season was already great, the sequel is even bolder, while going further into what made the previous one a good piece of entertainment. Moral dilemas, the expansion of the gangsters’ control, ambitious fighting scenes and music that simply fits within the theme of the show.

Luke Cage rivals Daredevil overall, and it has become extremely difficult to place one higher than the other. Since this is a sequel of the first season, I can’t really recommend it before you watch every other Marvel show produced by Netflix, since everything that happens in these shows are connected with each other. Definitely worth to watch though!


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