YouTube Recap – 30th of April, 2018

Last day of the month, shooting up what remains to be posted… Some people would say it is just like the typical Tuga (Portuguese) which I have no excuse to present for my tardiness… (nervous laughing).

In the recent events of YouTube’s new policy towards partners, I’ve been excluded from earning the few cents that I was making with my videos. Although I was not making a lot, it was still something to look forward to, as I recorded my gameplays or thought of doing something different than the regular stuff.


I still have the files for my Overwatch video, which is still relevant content in the present time, but just the thought of having to edit it to become something inferior to what is already presented in other YouTube channels makes demotivated and so I’ve simply put that project on hold…

Perhaps in May, I’ll get it done.


As for the Witcher 3, I haven’t touched it since the last update. The story is completed but I want to do a replay to get the best ending and I’m still missing a lot of secondary quests, one where Roach plays a prominent role that I simply can’t pass on. May should be the month to complete this as well and finish this masterpiece once and for all.


As for World of Warcraft, I managed to complete Anthorus The Burning Throne, even got boosted to an Argus Heroic Kill! Videos of the raid are already being scheduled on YouTube.

There’s also my Fire and Frost Mage challenges in the Mage Tower, already in the channel, and I’m currently farming AP and some gear on my alts to get as many as I can before the launch of the next expansion, Battle for Azeroth.

I’m also planning to create a video of a recap of this expansion, Legion, and talk about what was good and what was bad, mentioning mechanics, systems and of course, the Lore itself. Hopefully, it will be released before the expansion comes out…

Alright, guys, this is it for May’s late YouTube Recap, I’ll leave you the link to channel here. I wish you a good week with a lot of fun! See you next time!

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