A Lifeguard’s Saga – Ep.11 – The Man And The Sea

The man and the sea.

I’m sure this is a famous title to a poetry book, but today, this same title will describe this episode of A Lifeguard’s Saga.


I always seem to forget, that despite the memories that I have of this job, being a Lifeguard is mostly a boring/lonely job. Boring because sometimes the weather isn’t great and people don’t show up at the beach. And lonely because you are alone for most of the time as well.

In the beginning, dealing with those two was difficult, but then I found out that I need to find something that interests me and that can be done while I’m on duty. Writing is one of the answers. Patrolling the shoreline is another one. If the visibility is good, I can go to the bar and talk with the people there. And now with technology, some Lifeguards use an APP that functions as a walky-talky and we communicate through it, thus easing the hours of the shift to pass more smoothly.

Today was one of those boring and lonely days, where the man and the sea were closer to each other even more than when one comes in contact with the other.

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