Ghost in the Shell – A trip to the cybernetic future

It’s been almost 10 years since I saw the Ghost in the Shell anime and perhaps some of its OVAs and/or movies, but since then I have not laid my eyes on it ever again. After noticing that a movie was coming up for this cybernetic universe situated in the near future was surely a surprise and I was interested in seeing it right away. Even more so when Scarlett Johansson was assigned to the main role of the movie! Naysayers probably gonna think that she’s so overrated but I honestly believe that she’s a good actress and she played her part very well if I might say so myself without being crucified by the haters…


Ghost in the shell begins with a scene of action in a further advanced Japanese city, filled with giant, building-sized holograms as advertisement. The scenery has no balance with nature whatsoever giving the sensation of pollution, and saturation of buildings, people, etc. Robots and enhancements are heavily used as servants and upgrades for humanity.


Major, played by Scarlett Johansson, is a special operative and the only one that had her consciousness successfully transferred into a cyborg/Android/robot. She’s an agent for the secret organization known only as Section 9 of the government that counters cybernetic terrorism and terrorism in the physical sense.


The movie begins with a lead on a known cyberterrorist and the section was notified for action. Major enters the scene ready to kill with advanced agility and a stealth ability, killing robots and henchmen alike.

The plot itself revolves around catching this cyber terrorist who is a previous failure from the company that turned Major into what she is now, thus revealing a lot of illegalities practiced by the company. And the other point is focused on finding out what happened to Major before since she lost her memories when she was transferred.

Unlike what I often do, I managed to resume the movie way too briefly but that doesn’t take credit from the film.

The plot seemed a mess at the beginning but things worked out quite well. The action scenes were ok and there are a couple of twists, although somewhat predictable, but still managing to keep things Interesting. It was nice to see some Japanese actors working alongside Scarlett and they too performed very well, especially Agent Batou and Aramaki, the leader of Section 9.


The scenarios of the city and the props they used for clothes, guns, and tech were actually the things that impressed me the most. It was perhaps an accurate description of the city, some decades into the future.

Overall, this isn’t a great movie, but it is not a bad one either. I’m just not seeing a sequel coming out anytime soon.



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