Situation Point – 16th of November, 2016

Ei there!

Since I’m not able to sell the Ebook as I had hoped, I decided to contact various national publishers, hoping that one of them actually takes a peek at my work. I thought it was rare for national publishers to be involved with books written in a foreign language, but as it seems, I was wrong. They do publish them and they also have international connections, which is great!

So before actually trying foreign agencies I opted to try national ones, since it will be much simpler to work with them inside the country than with an agency from the outside. But then again, if no one answer (which makes me sad) or if I simply can get a deal out of it, then yes, I’ll have to proceed to the rest of the world.

About the second book now. The editing process has now begun! All the images are already in place as well as the character frames. Perhaps on the next entry of Situation Point I’ll have the cover of Enclave’s second book around for a show off right?! Should make sense… You’ll know by then by what I’m aiming at with the covers…

That’s it for this entry. I wish you a good week!


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