Amateur Fighting – Initiation


Today I have something different to share with you. Last year, around mid October, I joined an academy to learn how to fight and to exercise myself a little since I was beginning to grow fat.

I took it upon me to join the academy alone, because that way, I won’t be waiting for anyone to come with me just like the way I did when I was going to the GYM. This way, I always feel comfortable to go the academy without anyone besides myself. I went there because a friend of mine practiced there as well and indicated me to try out a free class to see if I’d enjoy it or not. The mood was fine and the class was very demanding at the time, but I enjoyed it and I kept going every time I could since then.

Everyone that has passed through there and continues to go there, everyone of them were nice, respectful people and that’s probably the thing that hooked me to the place (Sparta – Póvoa de Varzim). It even seems that once I enter the academy, my problems or anything that worries me, simply stay outside and once I’m on the tatami, I can actually relax and waste my energy in something that makes me feel good after it.

Well, it has been a year since I’m practicing M.M.A. and although I’m still very far from my elder colleagues in both shape and skill, I decided to enter in an event that promotes the fighting arts, with full body contact but without using elbows and knees. Also, if the fight goes to the ground, then it is forbidden to hit your opponent and you only have thirty seconds to either force him to submit or to avoid being submitted.

The fight in itself proved to me some of the points where I’m not that bad, as well as points where I’m bad at, and need to seriously improve. I’ll leave three videos here which cover the majority of the two round fight. I’m the one with white tshirt and red helmet.

It was awesome to feel the adrenaline rush, but even better than that, was to see that some of my personal friends, as well as many colleagues from the academy came to the event to support me and to watch the fight. Now I’ll try to keep track of my mistakes and improve my skills for a better use, once the combat gets taken to the ground.

I lost the match, but the experience in itself was priceless and I can only thank the organization, my adversary and his academy to have provided me with such a rich experience and a memorable fight that I will definitely carry on with my life.

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