YouTube Recap – 9th of September, 2016


Hello and welcome to another YouTube Recap, which has been absent for far too long!

Even though I haven’t made one in a while, it does not mean that my channel has not been updated. Quite the contrary in fact! Because my channel now has more than three thousand views and is now at a steady hundred views per day, which to me it’s actually great!

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I’ve been struggling to render my videos, my laptop can’t handle the heat of the summer and shuts down once its parts reach a certain temperature, therefor wasting all the time invested in rendering the selected video. Since the program does not possess a mechanism that saves the rendering process, all of the progress is lost if it shuts down. Causing me a major pain in the ass…


While I still have to figure out a way to get past this problem, I managed to get a lot of new videos up since the last update. With the release of Legion, World of Warcraft’s newest expansion, my girlfriend suggested to do Spec reviews of all the classes that I had at the past max level (100), before we could head into the Broken Isles. That way, I’d have a different type of content to do from the ones that I’ve been doing so far.

There’s still four classes left for me to do the class reviews, but I’ll only be able to review the Demon Hunter and the Druid since they’re the ones that I currently have at 100 and are still missing a review. (Demon Hunter will have to be at 110 because the talents unlock only at a 110… What the hell Blizzard? And the Druid I used the boost that came along with the expansion!)

I have also recorded most of my experience throughout the Broken Isles and that content is about to arrive at the channel with some input on the Lore, the characters and everything that is going on with the story in this new expansion!

Here’s the playlist of the current Spec reviews!

Oh and there’s also a video of me semi-unboxing the Collector’s Edition of Legion! Check it out!

More content is currently on the way, with new spec reviews, Legion gameplay through the eyes of Leafara, my Blood Elf Mage, and even new map tours entries that now with more free time I’ll be able to work on those as well!


It’s been probably more than a month since I’ve played The Witcher 3, and to be honest, I miss it. I left the adventure unfinished and such a thing should not happen in my watch. With my days now much freer and after 15th of September even more, I’ll return to Toussaint to continue my quest there and free the reign of the Beast, which I already determined that was an Elder Vampire! Since the last update, I have added two more entries to this saga.

Find the haunting place of a Wight! A cursed being with an spoon obsession…

Our gentle and educated friend turns into a savage!

I’ve left one of the greatest games of all time behind, but the best about it is that I still get to play it without knowing what’s ahead of me! Beware denizens of Toussaint, for Geralt of Rivia will soon appear on your streets!

As you can see on my most recent videos, I began creating specialized thumbnails for my videos. While they are somewhat “fresh” within time I believe I’ll be able to master this kind of craft, thus creating thumbnails that appear to be much more attention grabbing than the ones that are currently being done.

On a last note, I’m also planning to create a tab here in the blog with a guide to all of my videos. For the class reviews in World of Warcraft I’ll use their respective icons with a link behind them to the respective spec review. For all the others, I’ll think about it, although a simple link to the reproduction list should suffice, since they are gameplay videos with a story behind.

I believe I didn’t left anything more to say. There are other games that I currently have with which I wanted to share gameplay with you guys, something like Battlefleet Gothic and Eternal Crusade, from the Warhammer 40k games! However there are way too many games for me to play and right now, WoW: Legion has my entire attention.

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you soon!


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