Situation Point – 11th of April, 2016

Ei there!

So it has been more than a week since the release of the Enclave – Creation and even though the trailer for it had 2,6 thousand views and that number is still growing, sales are practically non-existent.

While it does make me sad a little, I must remember why I began to write in the first place. It was to create a story that I would enjoy to read later on and that’s what I’ll continue to do, despite the outcome that it my bring me. It may be at a slower pace but I won’t give up writing just because it doesn’t sell.

It turns out, it takes a lot to create an advertisement campaign for a product. And as you can see, having a couple thousand of views on the trailer did not help the sales for Enclave – Creation one bit.

Bloggers who review self published authors are either completely flooded with other books or ask for an amount of money that I’m not able to pay. I have reserved one book blitz on one blog however for a considerable price. I must have sent something in between 15 and 20 emails to request a review and so far got an answer from no one.

My girlfriend is currently reading it and she found some typos here and there, not something terribly bad, but something that my eyes skipped while reading the piece three times over. (I hate editing but even though eyes, why wouldn’t you notice that crap?) So for now, I’ll wait for her to finish it to see if she catches some more errors before returning to advertising it.

One problem though, is that when I fix these errors and reupload the file to Amazon, the file that I get on my kindle isn’t updated. Need to solve that as soon as possible. On yet another note regarding the book’s configuration, I noticed that other ebooks in kindle format have something called locations which divide the pages by the font size of your choice for a better reading experience. After a search on the web, can you imagine that I found nothing on how to add those locations to my file? That’s the other topic I must discuss with Amazon KDP’s representatives to see if they enlighten my ignorance on that aspect.

I guess this is all for now. See you around!




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