Damn! It has been a while!

Damn! It has been a while!

Of what you might think? It has been a while since I’ve wrote something. Oh it felt so refreshing. I just had to read where I stopped before and the chain of thought returned to me right after. Now that I know what to do to get my work published, I believe it won’t be long before part two is released.

I wasted almost two months editing the first part of my project, Enclave – Creation as well as creating the trailer for it. It was a nice ride, especially creating the trailer. I learned so much thanks to the good people who shared tutorials in YouTube, a big thank you to you all who wasted precious time publishing material on how to achieve those results, without you I probably couldn’t have created what I did.

Apart from that, I’ve been contacting several bloggers, submitting my work for a review so that it can gather advertisement with strength. In fact, when I finish this post I’ll write a few more to see if I can get someone in the area to review my work.

I paid for an advertisement service from Facebook to publicize the trailer and at this point it says it has one thousand and four hundred views. But there isn’t one single like on the page of the book that belongs outside of my own country. The service I required was to be shown in the United Kingdom as well as in the United States of America. A considerable amount of people already saw the video and not a single one liked the page? I find it weird to say the least…

From now on the content in this blog will be more frequent as it was before, I’ll continue to write on the second part of the book and there is still something I need to know regarding the first one which may cause a slight upgrade to it. I’ll elaborate about it later in case if it is indeed possible to do it. Also, I’ll probably have to get a job somewhere if the first part doesn’t earn me a few coins. But that shouldn’t hinder my performance in the objectives that I have traced above.

It is also with great sorrow, that I will have a following installment in the Death short stories since a dear known man to me is now at the end of his life and will sadly pass away very soon.

Stay tuned for further updates!

PS: We’re almost at 50 blog posts!


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