Death – Suicide

An end to a life always comes as a shocking remembrance that we won’t last forever and that somehow, somewhere and sometime each and every one of us shall perish.

This time it was a middle aged woman who committed suicide by hanging her neck on a rope tied to a garage door mechanism, or so I’ve heard. It must take real courage, or to be really hopeless towards the present and near future to do such a thing of her own volition.

I live in a small village and for that moment I was working in a pub, therefor I heard many comments from all sorts of people about that tragedy. Without entering in too much detail and also because I want to respect their privacy, although the marriage was over they still had various problems which persisted from their married time and continued through their separation.

She had a daughter with her ex-husband who lived with her and although she had been a class mate with me for five years, I didn’t maintain contact with her since our paths changed. Not because of any reason in particular, I have always been friendly to her and her to me. She always seemed okay, so I thought she would be a crucial pillar on both parents.

Her mother even passed by the pub some days before and sat down with my mom talking. In the end, despite living with her daughter, that woman still choose to end her life. To the surprise of the whole village. We never know what’s really going on inside each other’s minds. Even though we may talk with a person everyday, we may in fact not know much of what that person is going through.

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