So about that book…

Now that I finished the story I’ve gone back to first chapter to read it and edit it. Guess what I thought of it?

Yeap you probably guessed it right… It isn’t worth the readers’ time. Those four pages which depicted so much in so few lines of text are a big yet small pile of ****. (I’ll keep this blog clean of cursing for the moment).

The second and third chapters are so so but won’t need a complete rewrite like the first one does. So now I’m rewriting the first chapter which is divided into four distinct scenes, two of which are already completed.

Even though this will take longer to publish, I think the book will be better this way since I feel that I’ve become a better write as I wrote the story, so too will the book be of better quality as I rewrite and edit the first parts which were the most poorly written in my opinion.

On a latter note, I’ll keep this blog at least updated one time a week. Until I have more series to post. For now I don’t have much time to create anothers but that will change within a few days. At least I’m not lacking on ideas, as for the quality of them the readers can judge them later…

Cya later!


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