YouTube Recap – 13th of November, 2017

Hello there! Here’s this month’s recap alongside my future plans with the Chaotic Order YouTube Channel!


So about World of Warcraft, I’ve finished the Warrior Campaign and added a couple more mount videos. The Highlord’s Golden Charger and the Slayer’s Felbroken Shrieker the Paladin and Demon Hunter class mounts, respectively indicated. I still have a lot of the Argus Campaign to render and upload, but they’re mainly short videos due to the follower iLvL quests which I’m still in the process of completing. I have also started to level my Rogue. Soon my Goblin will be 110 and unveil what the Uncrowned have done throughout the events of the Legion expansion.


Now onto Starcraft Remasted Edition, I’ve uploaded both Protoss Campaigns! The one in the original and the one in the Brood Wars expansion which are set one after the other. Basically, the Protoss get their Homeworld of Aiur ravaged by the Zerg while they also succumb to some infighting among themselves. Ultimately, they manage to gain the support of their exiled Dark Templar and both succeed in overwhelming the Overmind in a suicidal attempt with the support of Raynor’s Raiders. Then they flee to Shakuras, the Dark Templar’s world and there are some complications to migrate there. Here’s the playlist of my Starcraft Remastered Edition! I am currently rendering the remaining videos of the Terran and Zerg campaigns of the Brood Wars expansion. Once I’m done with uploading them into the channel, I’ll begin on Starcraft II, but I still haven’t decided which difficulty to take. Would I manage to pass it on Brutal? (/wonderingface)


Also! I’ve played the entire Game of Thrones, A Telltale Games Series! I got it in a promotion at HumbleBundle and I found it quite addicting to play, although I was fairly mad while playing it… You know what I’m talking about if you played it, and you’ll know what I’m talking about once you clear it… I divided/will divide the six episodes of the game into scene videos, most of them at least as there were some that only lasted a couple of minutes, so I added one more. The videos are fairly short and I believe they’re entertaining to watch! Also, my voice is in a lower tone in the videos of the first episode but that is fixed in the next episodes.

That’s it for this post guys.

Wish you all an amazing week!

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