YouTube Recap – 30th of November, 2016

Hi! Been a while since I posted here. I guess I said the same thing the last time didn’t I? Well, truth be told, I haven’t done anything new in my YouTube channel. The channel is updated almost everyday with new videos from World of Warcraft where I play and comment about the Lore of the game and the occasional ones where the content varies a lot to describe.

What brought me to write here today is just to tell you that I found a better way to render my videos! A thing that I should have found way earlier to be honest but I was just too comfortable with the previous method.

Now I can render videos with better quality and three times faster! The consequence is that it costs three more times the space… and my internet connection isn’t great at all. Considering that I live in Portugal that is. I have friends who live two kilometers away from me and they have fiber with 100mbs of download and upload, but my connection doesn’t pass of the 13mbs/0,83mbs… which is kinda bad to upload 3GB videos right?

So to solve this problem I asked one of my friends if I could stop by their house to upload the videos once a week probably, and for now it was okay to do so. In the coming weeks, when I finish the material that I already have prepared, I’ll switch to this new method and the overall quality of my videos will increase.

If you’re interested in some World of Warcraft videos, check my channel here:

There’s also Total War: Warhammer, Witcher 3 Blood & Wine and some Overwatch as well!

I wish you well for the rest of the week! See you later!



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