Situation Point

Situation Point – 7th of February, 2017

Hello there! So this is the last situation point before the release of Enclave – Amelioration! I’ve been correcting a lot of stuff throughout the book. Grammar, errors, and syntax. As of this moment, I’m currently at 50% of the last review. This last review consists of a complete reading session of the entire book.… Continue reading Situation Point – 7th of February, 2017

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Why Is The Classic ’90s Cartoon ‘Biker Mice From Mars’ So Tough To Find?

Ei there! Ever seen the amazing rats, Throttle, Modo and Vinnie racing across the pulled streets of Chicago on their fantastic bikes? If so and even if not, take a look at my recent article at where I drive down the nostalgia lane to remember an epic show filled with action and Rock and… Continue reading Why Is The Classic ’90s Cartoon ‘Biker Mice From Mars’ So Tough To Find?

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Enclave – Creation’s 1st Anniversary!

After a lot of work and thought into it, last year I was finally able to publish my first literary project, Enclave – Creation. The first one of four titles in the series that mark the beginning of the Chaotic Order fictional universe. I’ve been working on the second title for a while now, I’m… Continue reading Enclave – Creation’s 1st Anniversary!


Logan – The Dark Side Of Super Heroes

Ah, Logan! What a movie! The trailer already pointed to a time where the age of mutants was long gone. The name of the movie also points out to the human side of the mutants, hence why they picked Logan instead of Wolverine. Beware of the spoilers! The movie takes place in the year 2029,… Continue reading Logan – The Dark Side Of Super Heroes


Death – A Mother’s Farewell

Sometimes, we forget what it means to be alive. Sometimes, we’re so focused on our lives that we forget our own fragility. This weekend, a great friend of mine had his mother taken away from him. In no more than a couple of months, she was diagnosed with cancer, and the situation did not get… Continue reading Death – A Mother’s Farewell


A Monster Calls – Not Exactly What I Was Expecting…

A Monster Calls. My innards pointed me to a title of fantasy, the very imagination of a young boy blooming to life inside his own mind. I was expecting the flourishing of a spectacular imagination with the exploration of mystical lands atop the “Ent” or “Groot” like creature impersonated by no more no less than… Continue reading A Monster Calls – Not Exactly What I Was Expecting…

Situation Point

Situation Point – 10th of March, 2017

Hello guys! So I’ve been working on a side project in the area of advertisement. Basically, what I propose to do, is to record a small business near my living area and turn the footage into a promotional video. I’ve created another YouTube channel and a Facebook page to help spread the word. Difusão Local… Continue reading Situation Point – 10th of March, 2017

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Youtube Recap – 5th of March, 2017

Ei there guys! It seems that the usual period of time to release these posts is settled to be one for a month… so here it is, the Youtube Recap! So, since my last post, I uploaded the campaigns of the Shaman and Demon Hunter classes from World of Warcraft: Legion, a couple of PvP… Continue reading Youtube Recap – 5th of March, 2017

Orient in Turmoil

Ayame – Orient in Turmoil

The Summer in Nagasaki has been quite hot this year. With the temperatures reaching as far as thirty degrees Celsius, the locals began to avoid a couple of hours before and after noon, since the heat was just unbearable to do anything else besides sitting in the shade or having cold drinks at the various… Continue reading Ayame – Orient in Turmoil

Situation Point

Situation Point – 1st of March, 2017

Hello hello! New month coming in and I’m currently super busy and split across many projects. I’m currently finishing my newest entry in the “Orient in Turmoil” series but what has been taking more of my time is about an entirely new project. One that is going to be revealed later this week as well!… Continue reading Situation Point – 1st of March, 2017