Lupin – A Thief And A Gentleman, All In One

There’s something oddly charming about getting justice through dubious ways, but if you’re a gentleman about doing so, I just can’t help but smile while watching people having their way. Lupin conquered me through and through.


Assane Diop saw his father going to jail for a crime he did not commit when he was young, the theft of a necklace worth enough for generations to survive. Twenty-five years later, the necklace returns to be sold at an auction. This time, however, Assane has a particular set of skills that may clear his father’s name and will deliver justice to those who harmed him in the first place.


Lupin picks inspiration from the books of Arsène Lupin, the gentleman thief. The protagonist, Assange, uses the books to perform pretty much all of its acts towards his ultimate goal, to clear his father’s name for a crime he did not commit, and to bring those who did him harm to justice.

The tension created by his elaborated plans, pretty much always leaves a detail left uncovered until the very end. And while most of them were simply planned but not demonstrated in the action, later on, the scenes are played differently to show the difference of what the recent information shown involves.

It was ingenious, as to how the scenes of the past and present collide, in order to deliver a guide as to what is currently being developed in the present. Assange truly had a plan for everything, though it probably changed a little bit, thus making him human and subject to error and therefore, turning the show much more believable.

Lupin also has some directives that are rarely seen in Netflix’s shows. And those are simply, the qualities of man and as to what, most if not all men, should aspire to be. Courteous, kind, and joust are the three main qualities that I found in Assange to be most compelling to me. He could do justice with his own hands. He could focus on his goal instead of his family, which to me, would be the correct thing to do. But no. He doesn’t take the high road and prefers to do things, mainly without resorting to violence but always, with a display that the act itself, looks like a piece of the show of entertainment. A spectacle, even.

On a funny note, it’s amusing to see the investigators at the brink of discovering something, only to be shut down by their superiors every time. It surely makes the spectators wonder how it really is in real life.


Once in a while, I come across a show which had my interest before and it delivers what it promised to. This one is one of such shows.

Lupin develops flawlessly with carefully placed segments of past and present, all the while bringing up some details you didn’t even remember two episodes before, as the seeds were planted, only to bear fruit later on.

Lupin is definitely a must-watch. Its story threads are indeed quite interesting to watch being unraveled, all the while you witness the magic and illusion of a true master of deception, which isn’t entirely perfect for story purposes but remains believable for the story to be concluded.

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