Star Wars: Visions – I Wish There Was More Of It!

I know, I know, this is kind of a Star Wars obsession, buuuut this one is totally worth it! I knooooow! You seem kinda biased right now Mr “Skyfan”… And you may be right! But still, that doesn’t mean that Visions isn’t a piece to be appreciated, one episode at a time.


Star Wars: Visions depicts several stories across the galaxy as various force wielders carve their destiny, each with a unique visual style.


Visions sets up a story for each of its episodes, with a unique set of characters and animation style per episode. And even though there isn’t a pre-defined line to follow through all episodes, each and every one of them begins and ends with finesse.

The Star Wars formula is meticulously applied through all episodes, though some genres are more present than others. In some, we have the link and belief with the force, in others the adventure to discover the unknown, and some are just purely packed with action.

Star Wars, more often than not, either uses the background for space western, or empire vs republic scenario to depict its stories, and most if not all episodes use either one of these.

I truly can’t find something to critic, even the duration of the episodes is something to be appreciated, as the ephemeral aspect of things also brings beauty, in the term that we, as humans, yearn for more, but can’t actually have it so.


Star Wars: Visions is without a doubt an excellent animation project, that portrays everything Star Wars is about. The overcoming of challenges through belief and the cheer joy of adventure, with of course, a lot of force wielding and lightsaber fighting.

Though the stories don’t get to significantly develop their main characters, they still get their job well done, fulfilling the beginning, development, and concluding sections of each, to a satisfactory level.

This is an absolute must to any Star Wars fan, even though none of this is considered canon. And if you’re not into Star Wars but you’ve watched some anime of animated series, give this a try and you might get into one of the most marvelous sci-fi universes that exist out there.

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