Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order – One Step Away From Greatness

I was staggered to discover a Star Wars game that was similar in ways to the Souls genre, and although I took my time to get my hands on it, I was not disappointed, though I must say, despite the close release dates it has with Sekiro, it could learn a couple of things from it. But that’s not to say that this is a bad game! Nothing even remotely close.


Kal Cestis, a young padawan that managed to escape the infamous Order 66, makes a living on the planet of Braka as a scavenger when his destiny finally reaches out to him. Kal will have to make use of his Jedi training and remember what he learned years before if he is to stand a chance to survive in the Galaxy ruled by the Empire.


We undergo a fantastic, journey as Kal Cestis managed to survive in a galaxy dominated by the Empire, some years after surviving the Purge and having witnessed the clones’ treachery towards the Jedi.

There’s always a distinct flavor in every Star Wars movie, the adventure, the action, the training, and the intrigue towards the culmination of the threads of the story. Jedi Fallen Order executes all of these pretty well, within a videogame. A playable movie if I may say so myself.

The game shines in every department. The story unfolds at a steady pace as Kal Cestis, progresses through various slopes, ruins both old and recent, and conflicts against agents of the Empire, a cult in a ruined planet, or simply local fauna.

The music is none other than amazing too, and the visuals from the different planets offer a breath of fresh air when we venture there. I’m remembering Dathomir now… That nightmare of a planet. But still… Memorable!

The action part is where several points are lacking. I was looking for a challenge and I took the Jedi Knight difficulty, there’s only one above that, and… The difficulty was not much of a challenge, but that wasn’t about difficulty alone. The opponents aren’t that complex when you get to know them for the first time. The bosses weren’t that difficult too, I think the most arduous one took me about thirty tries. And I found the fights very straightforward, with only one path to take the enemy down, which shouldn’t be the case for a game with various light saber moves and force techniques. It was a little frustrating to have spent points in light saber moves, when in most cases, you couldn’t even apply them because the bosses, or other enemies like the purge troopers, would simply ignore the damage you inflicted and continue their attack, thus breaking your combo. Simple, swift attacks were actually the best method for any foe. And then, the parry/blocking system doesn’t feel rewarding. You get to parry a lot or attack the enemy perfectly, and when the entire stamina gets taken down, you get to take just a little bit of HP before it gets completely refilled again.

Perhaps my mistake was to compare this game a lot with Sekiro, or perhaps it was playing that one before Jedi Fallen Order.


Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order is actually more of a great story, rather than a great game. It is a good game, but it didn’t reach the level of greatness it actually deserved. Though it barely grasped it.

The story was phenomenal, a complete Star Wars experience through the plot, environment, and music. Everything felt connected as we progress through the story.

Alas, the same cannot be said about the combat style. Although somewhat similar to the “Souls” genre, it clearly lacks a lot of fluidity, and to my opinion, both bosses and simple enemies do lack some variety and original mechanics to be disposed of.

Overall though, it’s a great game and worth playing even if you’re not a Star Wars fan!

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