Arcane – The Link Between Animation And Videogames

League of Legends is not a game where you play for the story, though the background story accompanies the game since the beginning, you can play the game for thousands of hours while only barely scratching the threads of the story behind its various characters. Though there are bits scattered across the characters’ descriptions in the game and website, most people don’t even bother to learn what’s behind, as it won’t amount to anything being developed within the game. Arcane gives us a good starting point to introduce about half a dozen of League’s characters in the neutral city of Piltover and its twin counterpart, Zaun, two of the many factions within the game’s lore.


In the middle of a growing conflict between Piltover and its shadowy counterpart, the Undercity, two sisters fight on opposite sides in an era of technological and magical development, thus bringing the two factions to collide with one another, revealing a wide variety of problems to solve, so that the two could peacefully coexist.


First of all, and let me get this out of the way, the animation, the quality of the movement, the colors of it all. It just blends so well together, you can almost taste it with your eyes! Though the environment doesn’t change much due to the location of the narrative, the shadowy parts of the undercity, and the more vibrant spaces of Piltover, all shine without much light, but they do shine the brightest when mayhem is going about.

All of the action, the scenes, and the plotting, they’re all carefully weaved into one another, bringing this genesis of League of Legends to an outstanding level of quality! The music is there too, and it was in awe, but to no surprise, that the introduction music comes from Imagine Dragons. I believe their first interaction with League of Legends was with “Warriors”. What an awesome rhythm that one has too.

It was nice to see an animation for grown-ups based on a video game that is quite recent, around ten to eleven years. Most have to wait for far more than that, if they get a show for themselves that is. We get to know Jayce, Vi, Jinx, Caitlyn, Viktor, Heimerdinger, Singed… and I guess I didn’t miss anyone. Though I have practically no idea on what to compare them to, since the game offers a limited amount of reactions and dialogue from the referred champions, and also, this is also about their origin, so they are not in the same state as they are within the game.

Though the story has some points where it kinda drags the action off, I must tell it isn’t original in its own way. It feels like it doesn’t have an authenticity of its own. Sure, the characters, the city, the lore all around it, they are from League of Legends but the story feels cliche. And although I had some knowledge about it from playing League, there was no point during the show’s duration where I was surprised about it, nor about something out of the ordinary from what I’ve already seen. Of course, I already have a lot of experiences put together, but even so, I believe that having something feel fresh should be valued.


First of all, Arcane is a great piece of art, with outstanding animation, great action sequences, and an interesting story to go with it in the neutral city of Piltover, one of the many factions in League of Legends and home to some of the League’s champions.

While the story is somewhat cliche as to what happens on it, the scenes are very well crafted and keep you entertained, even for their beauty alone. Though the story isn’t bad, it surely required a little more fresh air, for it to be original.

Nevertheless, the show proved to be an amazing introduction to the panoramic scene from League of Legends, and I’m expecting more to be delivered with the coming season.

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