Alice in Borderland – Alice Yet To Be Found

Everybody has heard of Alice in Wonderland, though here we’re left with borderland, which we soon become aware of what it is… But where the hell is Alice? What does the title have to do with the show anyway? Practically nothing…


A group of three friends in Tokyo, who are not so well in their lives, get transported to a parallel dimension where all the buildings, items, and animal life remain, though not populated by the same humans.

Soon they find out that they must go through deadly games in order to increase their time on that dimension, otherwise, a precise laser beam will be shot from the sky, killing them instantly.


Alice in Borderland has a different approach to the battle royal genre that we’ve been accustomed to. Although most of the games require the players to cooperate with each other, the players themselves are then redirected to the borderland where they also must survive, to keep themselves from starving or from being killed by other people.

Alas, that’s pretty much what they know about the rules of that place. They don’t know who’s behind these deadly machinations nor do they know what’s the purpose behind it besides how to survive the deadly games which are separated by the four signs of cards, each for a type of game, and then according to the number of the card, it’s respective difficulty, growing as the numbers go higher.

The beginning seems quite alright as the viewers are becoming aware of the rules in the show, but as it goes on, more of the rules, if there are more, are not revealed, leaving only suppositions by the players about what they can do before they end up dead.

The games are quite interesting, though that first one was simply random with no real logic behind it besides a 50% chance of survival…

Despite the little amount of knowledge that we viewers know about the frame given to us of the game itself, I believe there was much more to explore than the common human emotional side that we often see in these movies, but such was not the case.


Although Alice in Borderland sets to be a little different than the Battle Royale shows that we’ve been accustomed to, it kind of falls short to what it promised to deliver through the story, leaving the most intriguing part of the purpose out. Or at least from the current season available to me at this time.

Though the action and the games themselves are of considerable value, the plot threads and the development of the characters are somewhat underwhelming and feel kinda tedious to watch.

Nevertheless, I’d still watch the second season because of what remains to be answered and would not give up on the show just yet.

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