Squid Game – The Inexplicable Viral Phenomenon…

Which I can’t really understand. Sure the doll of the first game sticks to the mind, and also the soldiers’ masks displayed circles, triangles, and squares but still… The show had a lot of ups, some downs, but to me, nothing that justifies the amount of buzz that it generated, not after so many of these Battle Royale look-a-likes emerged. And yet, it grew out of proportion right towards the mainstream. SPOILERS ahead so… Beware!


People across South Korea who are going through financial problems are selected to a game that promises them riches beyond imagining. Though the games are really not like one would expect, a lot of the players still decide to take the risk, rather than return to their own miserable lives.


First things first, I absolutely loved the introduction to this show. From the origins of the show’s name, Squid Game, to the introduction of the main character Seong Gi-Hun. It was great to be aware of the precarious situation that he was in, before being approached by the agent of the game.

Then as the plot begins to unfold, we’re amazingly introduced to what’s about to happen. And then things begin to grow a little outward as opposed to what they should. I don’t know, it feels like the scenes explaining what’s going about outside of the game take the mystery of what’s happening inside. The cop infiltrating the ship was one thing, but the host being his lost brother as the cop makes a run for it? Purely theatrical and even comical. I didn’t enjoy that thread.

However, for the main plot lines, the show does what it promises to do, and in an interesting fashion, thus providing the spectator will all kinds of human emotion that by now, we’re expecting to watch. The games were indeed interesting to see, not only with various strategies employed by the players themselves but also leaving the viewers wondering what could be done if we ourselves, were playing.

If the beginning was wonderful, I can’t say the same for the ending which was rather sour. We’re left with a broken main character, focused on finding the promoters of the violent game rather than enjoying his money with his daughter who is under his ex-wife’s guard. In the coming season, I hope he changes a little bit, otherwise, luck shouldn’t be on his side any longer. Or at least I hope it doesn’t…


Certainly a trending show of the moment, and I must commend for something out of the U.S. to find its place among international Netflix’s shows. It is without a doubt entertaining to watch and has some memorable moments attached to it, though I believe it could have been a little bit better explored on how the players feel and experience the game, rather than going around it and show how it is organized.

I won’t say that it’s a must-watch for the sake of its quality alone, but it’s definitely a must-watch for how mainstream it got. And truth be told, it’s more than entertaining to watch people being killed and backstabbing each other so that they can get rich… I wonder how far are we from having that in real life… Hum…

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