Belts and Stripes – So… Purple Belt, What Now?

Almost 3 years of Blue Belt, and now, I was awarded with the Purple Belt. People often say that once you get past the Blue Belt, it is practically certain that you’ll reach Black Belt. To me, however, I’m not looking forward to earn new belts. It feels great to be promoted of course! The acknowledgement is very rewarding, but, what I want to be able to do, is smash my colleagues, and in doing so, being better at the soft art. The belts come with time, practice and resilience through training.

Having said that, nowadays I still pull guard pretty much all the time, and I work my position from there. We have a very solid core now, with 8 purple belts and a good layer below us that will surely turn out to be good athletes if they keep practicing. My game needs a lot of improvement, through the development of my guard which is passed way too easily within belts of my league. Everyone is alert to my triangles so now I’ve shifted to omoplata, either from guard or from spider guard. I have an ideia to also get the phantom arm lock, (is this what it is called? It’s a crossed strangulation with the opponent’s lapela from the guard) ready to use from the get go since I always try to grab my opponents arms while in guard.

Regarding my defense, as I said about my guard, I also need to be aware with my feet. I believe I have a good tolerance to the attacks that can be done, but I also received good ones which I could not defend at all, so placement must always be considered.

Last but not least, I’m missing a couple of take-downs to practice since I only feel confident with one and it’s barely effective anymore within my league. There’s an idea of what I want to do, but I need to come up to the professor and ask advice and knowledge in the matter.

Regarding the Purple Belt itself. I feel a lot more responsible for my training colleagues than before. I don’t want to lose to anyone of any belt now, it kind of feels like you shouldn’t be get wreck, but that statement is far from the truth.

Here’s to hoping that you guys keep training even due to the issues of the pandemic! Oss!

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