Brightburn – What If Superman Grew Up To Be… Evil?

We’ve seen Superman going bad in Injustice, where he breaks his law of not killing anyone when he takes the Joker’s life after losing Louis Lane. But what if, what if Superman or Kal-El, had arrived on Earth with the purpose to exterminate it from all sentient life instead? Sure this movie has nothing to do with Superman, but it is implied all over it.


The prays of a young couple to conceive a child are answered as a space ship crashed down their backyard. Inside it was a baby, just like a human one. As the years go by, the young one begins to uncover his origins and turns everyone around him into his pray upon discovering inhuman abilities.


Brightburn is an original take, though it has nothing to do, on how it would be if Superman was raised on Earth with human parents, but with a wrong turn in the middle of the way.

Personally, the movie delivers what it promises and in good fashion. The first scene where he begins is particularly good, I was horrified in shivers actually, and it was in fact, quite simple.

The movie continues as the child keeps going down the dark path, awakened by the only tie he has from his world.

Although there’s not much to special effects, the atmosphere built around the duplicity of the child is quite fearsome and makes us lie in suspense, will he do it? Will it happen now?

Halfway through the movie, it doesn’t see to be that scary anymore, and to me that’s where the brightness goes a little dark in Brightburn.

There’s also a certain theatricality in the movie with a certain death that felt, comic, to be honest. It was as if the victim was having fun getting murdered, which would certainly not occur to almost anyone.


Brightburn was everything it promised to be. An Alien with extraordinary abilities, going rampant as he turns away the humanity imbued into him for years.

The fear factor however, was not high enough, as the spectators become used to see the villain, as the main character…

Even though some scenes seem to be way too much theatrical for my taste, the movie delivers its premise with success, though not great, but achieving to do so. If you’re a fan of the DC universe and have a taste for horror movies, this one is definitely a must watch!

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