Things Heard & Seen – Not Quite What I Was Expecting To See & Hear

Horror movies were never my first choice to sink two hours of my life time, there’s a couple of reviews of that genre in the blog, and yet, here it is another one that seemed to promise so much, and delivered so little, even though it had everything in place to be memorable.


An artist relocates to the Hudson Valley and begins to suspect that her marriage has a sinister darkness, one that rivals her new home’s history. Upon arriving, strange events begin to happen around the house, and slowly, she begins to uncover the house’s past.


I had some unexplained expectations about this one. It seemed simple. A haunting of some kind, that would drive a family of new comers mad! But… That was not the case.

It turned out to be a reflection of modern society’s actual problems with a flavor for the terror genre. Where the ambition for a better life led a young couple and their child out of the city, despite the ruinous relationship between husband and wife.

As soon as the plot unfolds a little, we get to understand what is happening right away. And though the excellent acting of the cast, the movie falls down to the predictability of the spectator. Of course, this was my case, even though I found the support cast to be quite interesting!

The movie has such an anticlimactic finale, that in the end, I was left wondering how could the producers or the writers, or both, ruin such an excellent performance from the cast with below average argument for the overall story.


Things Heard & Seen had everything at its disposal to be a great horror movie, and despite the excellent performance of its cast, the story was not well developed to keep it interesting throughout the entirety of its duration.

The performance of the cast was way above the level of the written story, but it did not manage to save the movie from the average layer.

From my perspective, overall, it is not worth your time to watch this movie. It begins well, and does promise to have some interesting elements, but to me it fails to deliver those in a way that befits the atmosphere, thus breaking the purpose of the genre that it is supposed to follow.

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