Mortal Kombat – The Kombat Is There, And It’s Definitely Mortal, But…

This isn’t just a 2D fighting game! Now I know, the main purpose is to watch these iconic characters fight to their gruesome death but still, it feels like something’s off… somethings feel kinda off, actually. Did Mortal Kombat deserve something better, for a movie reboot to a franchise that has more than twenty years? Absolutely. Did it got it? Not so much.


Cole Young is a martial artist past his prime who occasionally fights in the ring to earn a few dollars. After another defeat, he’s caught in the aim of a deadly assassin. Once saved by an ex-military, Cole learns about his past and about an old tourney, more ancient than other civilizations, called Mortal Kombat.


I’ll be honest, I didn’t know anything about Mortal Kombat besides some of the characters’ stories. And even that was scarce information. So I was surprised to see Cole Young and how I did not remember him. So it seems, they added this character as an introduction point for the other characters. Okay, fair enough. But could he be less bland? Absolutely… Even more so when you confirm who his father is.

Even though Earthrealm is at a disadvantage with it’s champions, most of them did not require training, but instead needed to awaken their arcana, a special move, ability or trait that becomes ready to use once going through a specific situation. Kano was anger, but for Cole Young was the need to protect his family, so the kind of awakening varies, and the arcana is different as well.

What didn’t go as it should, was how the narrative felt in the eyes of the spectator. Things felt out of place, the scenes didn’t weave well with one another, causing a certain sensation of displacement as soon as a new scene began.

For most people who played even a little bit of Mortal Kombat, you’ll recognize a lot of these characters and their signature moves. Liu Kang and his fireball and succession of kicks. Kung Lao and his sharp hat. Jax and his metal arms. Subzero who practically got half of the movie’s visual effects, and much more.

One thing is for certain, Josh Lawson who plays Kano, a mercenary arms dealer, does play a big part in amusing the spectators throughout the movie. I even thought that to myself while watching and, oh, just behold what I came across in the internet.


Hopes were not high for Mortal Kombat, let me tell you that. The story lacks depth and some credibility to it. Being those the biggest cons of the movie.

Now, for what Mortal Kombat is really known about, I believe it was portrayed in the big screen with excellence. I loved the “Flawless Victory” line, it was perfect! The grotesqueness of Mortal Kombat was captured and transmitted accordingly, probably making even the strongest stomachs to have a little ache.

Despite the efforts put in the action scenes, Mortal Kombat remains a movie for the fans, and not one that would captivate another portion of the public due to the weak plot lines it contained.

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