Alive – More Like A Theatrical, Over Dramatic Zombie Movie.

You would expect that over the years, zombie movies would become more thrilling to watch, with people from the present-day already knowing how to deal with zombies, because of the… You know… Of how much content there is about them. So taking into consideration that the movie happens in the present day and the protagonist is a gamer who plays First Person Shooters… Oh… Why bother complaining right? It is what it is. A comedy, of course!


Joon-woo is home alone spending his time streaming him playing video games, when a disease spreads across the air rapidly, turning people into feral cannibals. In a matter of minutes, the entire block becomes silent. The young South Korean gamer then proceeds to determine what just happened and how he will proceed to survive in his own apartment while the dead roam rampant across the block.


Let’s be honest here. Right at the beginning, there’s this guy who tries to get more service on his cellphone by adding a selfie stick to it and then get by the ledge of his balcony, thus ending in slipping away and falling from the third floor and of course, without salvation from the zombies below… Like… Is this for real? And the thing was… It was actually working… The cellphone was getting more service by doing that, like what the heck?

And from here, we just keep going downhill. From a Police officer randomly appearing in the middle of the day, running from the zombies and wasting her munition against the horde of the undead… To a scene where Joon-woo and his more useful companion go toe to toe against a horde of zombies, killing and/or getting them out of the way, some times two at a time, while journeying across the block to a more secure location… When Joon-woo couldn’t beat a single zombie by himself just before.

For the sake of the plot, sure I can buy that scene… But throwing someone bounded by rope into a room with a zombie, and after a good while, the zombie comes out and the other one unharmed? Not even a scratch? Oh please! But the cherry on top of the movie, was definitely the helicopter that appeared before several ones had passed above the block, only to appear without doing any sound just by the buildings terrace in order to save the protagonists from their death at the hands of the zombies.

Now that I’m done with wrecking Alive, I can point out that the script, despite not well executed, it made sense with a beginning, middle and end. Throughout my experience, I’ve become aware that if you become to hate a role, then the actor/actress performed well on it. Truth be said, I hated Joon-woo alright… He was just so lame at the beginning, but with some effort, he did better later on, story-wise, of course, because the performance was actually pretty great overall.

The zombies look spectacular by the way! And the gore is pretty neat too! While the action and thrilling scenes don’t look bad per say, the script just doesn’t feel logical towards a survival scene for a teenager, even for such a coward like Joon-woo who has tons of experience in videogames and by thus, zombies would be a must by that time but even if the concept of zombies did not exist all…


While Alive proves to be an entertaining movie to watch, it certainly isn’t because of the thrill, the gore, or the action. For someone who isn’t accustomed to watching zombie movies or series, sure, it can be something new and exciting to watch, but… For the main audience, which I think I’m inserted into, it’s pretty much a comedy/drama.

There are definitely a lot of aspects that are just laughable while watching the movie, taking away the sense of the thrill and survival that I believe it tries to show. I wouldn’t recommend it as a movie where you would tense up and expect those breathtaking scenes of survival against the horde of the undead, but still… I would recommend it if you want to have a laugh. And that’s my two cents about it.

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