The Hater – Yet Another (Dangerous) Impact Of Social Networks

One of the ways to determine if an actor or actress is actually good, is if he/she can make you feel something when you’re watching them perform. I know Maciej Musiałowski’s performance was excellent, simply because I really wanted to punch him in the face in the beginning of the movie, and yet, I grew to admire his cunning from the middle to the end of it. Stay put because The Hater is an excellent piece of the seventh art where you’ll watch how plausible it is to direct the masses online.


Tomasz gets himself expelled from Law School after being found guilty of plagiarism in one of his projects. While trying to survive the unexpected change of events and to keep his image intact to the family of his benefactors, Tomasz gets a job in which he will take part in the virtual fabric of lies and misinformation for a political campaign for the mayor elections of the city.


First of all, the premise for this movie is already something that intrigued me. It’s something that if you’re aware of your surroundings, you see it happening. Be it either about politics, situations that happened with friends or even yourself on Facebook, some kind of gossip news that escalated in the hatred scale, whatever it may be the case.

Five minutes in, and I’m already loathing the protagonist… The way he acts, the way he behaves… I just can’t stand it. But then… then he does what’s necessary and we get to know (or suppose at least) his backstory, as well as what he is about to do to survive. Tomasz uses his knowledge of the civil code, alongside some intellect with certain tools to earn information through unorthodox methods. He then uses or twists that information to manipulate the masses or even take part in events to shape their course towards an intended goal.

The Hater actually shows how easy it is to spread misinformation these days, much like the Fake News that we’re used to hear about in the internet. A similar case of this use of the social media is the recruitment for ISIS and the Islamic State. Dozens of cases were reported, even from my own country, there were people who heed the call and ventured to that already war-torn land in Syria and Iraq to fight for them or simply plan and execute terrorists attacks.

It’s actually amazing how easy it seems to create and spread false information, and The Hater also uses Poland’s current ideology and religion towards the desired end, thus adding even more credibility to the movie itself.

Last but not least, The Hater has an awesome pace and a sense of progression that reaches an epic climax towards the end of the film, thus uncovering a great and tragic finale! I felt the buzz on my skin as I watched the plot being unfolded within most of the scenes.


The Hater is an outstanding movie, with complex connections in between its cast, while maintaining a steady growth rate of its protagonist as the action develops. It definitely states how things may escalate from the use of Social Media and we don’t need to get very far to understand how that is done in the real world as well.

I absolutely urge you to watch this movie if you’re into conspiracy theories, since well, to me this is more of an example of how things tend to happen rather than a theory itself.

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